trading hotline

Energy Weather offers energy meteorologists with trading experience for consulting services – with free availability a unique feature in the German-speaking area.

  • Your own meteorologist changes the position or goes into parental leave and you have to bridge the meantime?
  • You need a second opinion during the volatile winter months?
  • You think about ​​hiring a meteorologist, but can not yet estimate the profitability of this investment?

Our support begins in assessing an appropriate candidate and stands out for its narrow supervision during probation period. There is also an optionality to prolong this service through the first winter period of the new energy meteorologist, either to in depth train him on the connections between markets and weather or just as a backup during challenging weather setups.

strategic weather trading

You want to trade the weather impact on prices for power and gas in a systematic or even automated way? You manage a wind or solar portfolio and want to hedge up to 15 days before delivery? Then contact us, we develop individualised strategies to your needs, taking out the maximum from weather related volatility in prices.

HPFC-data setup

Simulating renewable growth paths or develop sensitivity studies on intense market setups: Basing on Energy Weather’s reanalysis data we also offer support in implementing the weather information into your HPFC-model. Take profit of the outstanding spatial and temporal consistence of our weather data to realistically calculate opportunities.