RAM - Renewables Analogy Model

Visualization on smartr.info

RAM Intraday

Analysis tool for energy traders and portfolio managers in shortterm trading.
- Comparison with settlements of the historically most similar weather days
- Opportunity for position taking independent of fluctuating weather forecasts
- Continuous position controlling using ENTSO-E transparency data
- Optional: integration of curtailment forecasts

RAM Day ahead

Quantification of weather impact on power pricing for the day ahead auction.
- Naming the Top 10 daily analogies and their confidence given as matching score
- Visualization of the Energy Weather (residual) load forecasts
- Calculation of HPFC-based price expectations per analogy day to indicate price fluctuations and forecast uncertainties
- Intraday positioning: how did analogous days develop in Intraday settlement?

RAM Intraday

  • Each market-relevant weather parameter is available individually in meteorological units or energy quantities
  • Time-series presentation of the direct model comparison GSF oper / ens and ECMWF oper / ens as well as relation to the moving 10-year mean
  • Changes of the model versus the previous run in tabular or in time series
  • Highlighting of significant / market-relevant anomaly intensities (bullish / bearish)
  • Comparison with observation data, e.g. the ENTSO-E transparency platform

Add your own data

In order to be able to optimally use our dashboard solution, we offer you the opportunity to contribute your own time series, which we can integrate into your views. This allows you to combine our weather data and your in-house context.

In-house standalone solution

Our dashboard solution can also physically be installed in your trading floor environment – sensitive data can be stored locally and do not have to be stored on the Internet. Nevertheless, you have full access to current weather model analysis. Please contact us, we will find your suitable solution!

Technologically up-to-date

Our dashboard solution is based on HTML5 and runs with each current browser and device – including smartphones and tablets.